Just Elite Very HOT links October 16

Grow up shoes [Tech]
Cocaine Effects [Scary]
Timeline of invention [World]
How drink an IT person [Funny]
Boil an egg without water [How to…]
Circle of Death Card Game [Card Game]
No Pooping at the Trees Please [Crazy]
Sony says developing video Walkman [Tech]
The Gas-Powered “Adult Beverage” Blender [Tech]
Spam energy drink – what a name is this?!? [WTF]
Casanova Class Teaches Men How to Woo Women [News]
Inefficient fishing techniques caught on tape [Video]
Mother Says Daughter’s Class Picture Was Doctored [News]
Kevin Federline Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookie medallion [Funny]
How to save the planet against a meteorite collision [Funny Video]

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