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    Tattoo Gloves

    Do you loves tattoos? Are you looking for a fun gift for your girlfriend or wife? Those tattoo kitchen gloves can be the perfect gift 🙂 Now, your wife can show your dishes who’s the boss. Via More

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    Funny costume

    Halloween was on October 31, 2011 but I just found this funny and unconventional costume and I want to share it with you: One Night Stand is made of a flimsy material and includes giant foam dresser and leopard print lamp shade hat. I’m struggle to find it any use outside of Halloween. A little […] More

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    Batman Costume

    I just watched Batman Begins movie and I feel ready for some action. Is not Halloween yet but a batman costume is good if you want to be different on Christmas dinner… Now you can site and waiting for Batgirl… Link More

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    Pillow Fight for men

    Who tell that the pillow fights are only for girls? Now we, men, have the proper tools for a great pillow fight! Let’s start the fight in the bedroom! via More

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    Is Euro in toilet?

    Euro is in trouble and as it is look now euro’s crisis never end. Maybe we should be optimistic and make fun of it. I just found how to do that: this toilet paper is printed with 200 Euro bills. Now you are a king! Price: $6.64 More

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    Gear lever and OS

    We all know what a gear lever is… And also we know about MS DOS, Windows 7, Mac OS X or Linux. MS DOS: primary, simple, working good Windows 7 – complicate, sophisticate, complex Mac OS X – elegant, easy to operate, simple Linux – complex, too many options, hard to understand, only for geeks. More

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    First Google store

    Do you remember when Google try to sell cell phone by own online shop? It was a big failure but Google will survive. Google is a big kid 🙂 Anyway, to sell vegetables and use the Google logo, this is something! More

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