Just Elite Very HOT links October 12

(yesterday was a little problem with links. Now links working fine. Thanks to Mark for email 😉

Holographic ads are ready to hit us in the eyes [tech]
Park your cars under the garage [tech]
The first cook robot [tech]
LIQUID CONDOM might just put Durex out of business [Curiosity]
Q33 NY Wingdings Hoax [World]
Typo will cost Michigan county $40K [News]
US approves sale of airplane parts to Iran [News]
Police: Camera catches prosecutor naked [News]
Israeli doctors arrested over illegal human experiment [News]
Trail of beer, clothes leads to beer truck bandit [News]
Tri-Cities teacher “shocked” about results from drug survey [News]
Obi-wan Kenobi Adult [Curiosity]
Woman wants to ‘unadopt’ troubled boy [News]
School Bus Drags Child As Hair Rips Out [News]
Wilbanks Suing Groom for $500K [News]

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