Fake police car outdoor ad

This outdoor ad was Silver Cannes Lion Winner at 2003. (Turkey’s first Cannes Lion ever)

Front view

Back view

Explanation: a driver from a distance will see a police car hiding behind a billboard, (as the police tipically do in Turkey) thus the driver will instinctively slow down or make sure that they are going at the legal speed limit. When they come closer they are able to read the billboard text: “pay your traffic tickets on time without waiting in line –” however just as they pass the billboard they will realize that there really isn’t a police car hiding there! That actually is a full size reproduction of a police car which is a part of the billboard.

Client: Turkiye Is Bankasi
Agency: Rafneri
Creatives: Demir Karpat Polat, Murat ArIi

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Written by Rachel Leroy


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