Very HOT links December 2

Tony v. Paul
Disgruntled Workforce
Slow motion from Nike
Build your own coffin
Joe Kid on a Stingray
LumiGram – luminous articles
visual Internet search engine
Water drops, bubbles and ice
Russian billionaire crashes Enzo
Pregnant’ man fined in SA court
Mercedes Benz CLS tuned by Brabus
The Top 10 Animated Disney Women
Legally Blind Woman, 94, Bowls a 244
The Worlds Largest Gingerbread House
Driver crashes into an optical store
His sister in danger, 4-year-old plays hero
Spilled Doritos chips wash up on Outer Banks
Polonium 210- a Rare Material and a Surprising Weapon
What Happens When Local Industry Crosses Paths with the TSA

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Written by Rachel Leroy


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