Referee is totally drunk

It’s widely believed that football referees have one of the toughest jobs in sport. But nobody expects them to turn to drink to relieve the stress — and certainly not during a match.

That’s what apparently happened at a premier league tie between FC Naftan and FC Vitebsk in Belarus.

Out-of-Print CDs From SONY BMG and EMI Music

Amazon, SONY BMG and EMI Music today announced that they will bring back the music of hundreds of highly coveted out-of-print albums on CD through CreateSpace “Disc on Demand” and to offer these titles on

Formerly out-of-print albums now available to Amazon customers include “Hatari Soundtrack” by Henry Mancini, “Earthquake Weather” by Joe Strummer and “Motorcade of Generosity” by Cake as well as albums from the legendary Blue Note catalog, such as “Telepathy” by Bill Stewart, “Foreign Intrigue” by Tony Williams and “Carryin’ On” by Grant Green. The new CDs will be manufactured on-demand and shipped when customers place an order.

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