Ear Hat

Tove Greitz and Minna Magnusson come with this crazy idea: a hat for ear. Now my right ear wants a hat, too…

Ear Hat


the cloud – the towers in Seoul

MVRDV unveil a new residential plan for two linked towers in Seoul. The main theme of project evoking the image of a pixelated cloud.


Space Invaders Coffee Table

Space Invaders Coffee Table is the perfect fit for a geek living room. This piece of geek art is designed by Yoann Henry Yvo.

Coffee Table  Space Invaders

Coffee Table Space Invaders is cool!


Hacks: Siri says… start my car!

Siri is the new toy for smart hackers. Now they put Siri to start the car or controls Spotify.


Siri, Start my car!

Nothing amazing but at least it keep the hackers busy…

Privacy LCD monitor

Sometime you want some privacy when you work at computer. Maybe you want to read some sensitive information and you work in the open space office. Or else… Anyway, a privacy LCD monitor is a must have in a lot of situations.

Privacy monitor

dimovi, an user from Instructables show us how to do transform a LCD monitor into a privacy LCD monitor. The method is simple: remove the polarizing film and glued a cutout made from this film to an pair of glasses. Now other people will see a blank screen but you will see all details… Cool!

See how to do it in below video:


Google+ better than Facebook to find lost cameras

Markus Thompson was scuba diving in Deep Bay and found a Canon EOS 1000D camera in the deep. Maybe he read some Sherlock Holmes books in the past because Markus start an investigation to find the camera owner.

lost canon camera

He search for camera serial (0520213746) and even ask Canon Canada about it. No luck.
He post the photos downloaded from SD card (yes, the SD was working…) on Facebook and Google +. On Facebook get only one “like” but with Google + the owner was found!

lost canon camera

Also, big media (like The Verge and Engadget) publish the news.

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