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Ear Hat 0

Ear Hat

Tove Greitz and Minna Magnusson come with this crazy idea: a hat for ear. Now my right ear wants a hat, too… via

Space Invaders Coffee Table 0

Space Invaders Coffee Table

Space Invaders Coffee Table is the perfect fit for a geek living room. This piece of geek art is designed by Yoann Henry Yvo. Via

The best cup for tea 0

The best cup for tea

I like to drink tea during the winter. So, I was looking for a nice cup for tea and for my surprise I found this one. Is not an ordinary tea cup, it is...

Whisky Chilling Rocks Gift Set 0

Whisky Chilling Rocks Gift Set

This Whisky Chilling Rocks is one of the best gift for a Bourbon and Whiskey drinker like your friend, or boss or ,why not, your husband. Advantage of using this over using the real...

Mother Earth Motherboards 0

Mother Earth Motherboards

Computers are everywhere and each computer has a motherboard, so a World Map made of motherboards sounds natural… This piece of art is made by UK-based artist Susan Stockwell and I like that he...

Bioluminescence ocean waves 0

Bioluminescence ocean waves

This natural phenomenon is amazing and we find an explanation for it on Los Angeles Times: The electric blue glow is caused by an algae bloom commonly referred to as a “red tide.” The...

I know my Christmas gift 0

I know my Christmas gift

I just read a Kindle Touch versus Kindle 3 review and already I know my Christmas gift… (I hope that my wife still read this website…) Anyway, if the new Kindle Touch is an...