Just Imagine 0

Just Imagine

To imagine anything is very easy, but to move imagination into reality is very difficult. But not for Ilana Yahav.

Just Elite Very HOT links October 31 0

Just Elite Very HOT links October 31

TEDTalks: Jeff Han How to Keep Beer Cold halloween Pet Costumes Band names in a photo Music in your mouth Cell phone cookies accessories Sketch your furniture in the air Girls’s Costume Warehouse The...

South Park Steve Irwin Death 0

South Park Steve Irwin Death

On the latest episode of South Park, Satan decides to hold a Halloween costume party. Steve Irwin shows up. Hilarity ensues. This clip is a better quality version of the other uploads.

Luxury rides 3

Luxury rides

Rich people spend a lot of money for cars, boats and airplanes. But those vehicles are ordinary or not? Of course rich people love luxury stuff and luxury aren’t ordinary. If we can not...

One hell of a crazy women! 1

One hell of a crazy women!

This women is lucky to be alive (just missed by 1-2 seconds) – crossing tracks just before arrival of India’s fastest train – “The BHOPAL SHATABDI” running close to 150KMPH.

Thomas Keeley cool work 0

Thomas Keeley cool work

Thomas Keeley is a very good artist. Him creations are strange, scary but full of life. Enjoy to watch. (comments by justelite) eye photo camera. I wonder what is the zoom?

Toilets for musicians 0

Toilets for musicians

Musician’s toilets should be different than ours. Take a look at following photos if you wonder how it looks:

Just Elite Very HOT links October 29 0

Just Elite Very HOT links October 29

Unique & Wired Cars Johnny-Light toilet seat The Pianist Hand Concert German sick war pics scandal Halloween costumes for iPODS Big Brother is shouting at you You Might Have $500 in Your Pocket Women...

Coolest outdoors ads 3

Coolest outdoors ads

This is a collection of coolest outdoors ads. Enjoy. If you know others coolest than those please let me know 😉 Nice watch dude 😉 (watch advertising )