Sven Kramer – Are you stupid? 1

Sven Kramer – Are you stupid?

NBC reporter:I need you to say your name and your country and what you’ve just won here. Sven Kramer: Are you stupid? NBC reporter: It’s for the tape for the identification. Sven Kramer: Hell...

LGenius 0


LG introduces some truly genius innovations at a recent conference in Korea.

Smart road improvment 1

Smart road improvment

Smart road improvement. Too many cars park illegal in the bus station. So a smart mind from City Hall find the solution… Now he have another puzzle to solve: how the buses will stop...

Li Wei 0

Li Wei

Li Wei is a talented Chinese photographer. Take a look at his work. VIA

Funny singing flowers 0

Funny singing flowers

hello hello hello hello hello how are you? thank you thank you i am fine and i hope that you are too. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when...