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Stars Come Out for American Express Campaign for “The Members Project”

Hollywood director Martin Scorsese pulled double duty when directing the latest American Express ad. In addition to directing the next “Are You a Cardmember?” spot, Scorsese also stepped out from behind the camera for a cameo appearance.

Martin Scorsese Stars Come Out for American Express Campaign for

The commercial, American Express officials say, was designed to highlight its online initiative entitled “The Members Project.” The ad features tennis player Andrew Agassi, singer Sheryl Crow, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, singer Alicia Keys and athlete Shaun White. The project aims to encourage cardmembers to go to and submit project ideas that will have a positive impact on the world. American Express will then allocate up to $5 million to one of the ideas so that it can be put into action.

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Cocoa May Help Lower Ones Blood Pressure

Rather than consuming a cup of tea, German researchers are reporting that foods rich in cocoa may be better for ones heart. After analyzing ten different studies, researchers say people who ate foods rich in cocoa were able lower their blood pressure, while those drinking tea received no heart health benefits. Tea and cocoa are full of polyphenols, a compound believed to help lower blood pressure. While individuals who consumed some sort of chocolate experienced a drop in their blood pressure and those who consumed tea did not, Cleveland Clinic health experts say more research is still needed before a direct comparison can be made. For now, dieticians recommend individuals stick to a balanced diet, exercise and occasionally medicine to lower their blood pressure.

Cocoa May Help Lower Ones Blood Pressure

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