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Vintage Mickey Toaster

I like this limited edition vintage Mickey toaster in retro bread box. It is a perfect Christmas gift for any kid and should makes the perfect toast for Christmas morning.

Mickey Toaster

Vintage Mickey Toaster

As there are only 6 left in stock you should order soon.


Light Up Gift Box Ornaments

As you know packaging is everything. If you spend 10% from the gift price for some deluxe gift boxes you are not crazy, you are a very good marketer.

Those light up ornament boxes are the all you need to put under you Christmas tree and make a great impression. Unfortunately these boxes do not actually open and are not intended for items to be put inside but its looks amazing near your Christmas tree.

As soon you activate it the gift boxes quickly transition from color to color, then flash each color individually.

gift boxes


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Christmas gifts: 10k Yellow Gold Pendant

I was searching for a Christmas gifts for my mother and the best gift found by me is the 10k Yellow Gold Mother Pendant.
It is made by yellow-gold (10k) with 42 diamond gems (approximate 0.15 carats).

Christmas gifts: 10k Yellow Gold Pendant

The elegant 10k Yellow Gold Mother Pendant features an open-style circle embellished with sophisticated touches

Total metal weight is 2.3 Grams
Height: 0.61 inches
Width: 0.61 inches
Length: 18 inches

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