Jeep drives across water

Cars race! Jeep and snow mobile race across a pond in Iceland. Only at Top Gear.

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Police pepper spray and Japan icecream

ice cream japan
I wonder what’s happen with the photograph …

pepper police

This is the new icecream trend in Japan. But I must tell you that eat too much from lavatory is not healthy

coffin bicycle
Good idea. If the old men die then he always has the coffin near bicycle.

How many policemen does it take to take money from ATM?

How many policemen does it take to take money from ATM? In Romania? Three!


Let’s play Bossaball

So what is Bossaball?
Bossaball is an action beach sport related to beachvolley, beachsoccer, footvolley, capoeira, gymnastics, volleyball and football.

Where I can play Bossaball?
The all pitch is made of inflatables and trampolines.

When I play Bossaball what kind of music is better to listen?
Bossaball is at its best when it’s played to riveting Brazilian bossa music.

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Is good to know ;)


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