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8 Marketing mistakes – Vehicle Branding

The biggest 9 marketing mistakes on Vehicle Branding. Please don’t do that!

Tits on wheels

Pendennis become a …

When the door is open … Mitchell’s whores come.

unnecessary glasses

Maybe this is true… If we can’t we won’t.

this hitch looks like a …

Maybe because they are too expensive.

it is just horrible.

Tattoo Gloves

Do you loves tattoos? Are you looking for a fun gift for your girlfriend or wife? Those tattoo kitchen gloves can be the perfect gift 🙂 Now, your wife can show your dishes who’s the boss.

Tuff Dish Tattoo Kitchen Gloves


Funny costume

Halloween was on October 31, 2011 but I just found this funny and unconventional costume and I want to share it with you:

funny costume

One Night Stand is made of a flimsy material and includes giant foam dresser and leopard print lamp shade hat.

I’m struggle to find it any use outside of Halloween. A little brainstorming please…

1. Super spy fail mission
2. I told you, is nobody home
3. James. James Bond
4. You mistress must buy it for you.
5. Honey I buy a new furniture!
6. Gotcha!
7. Waiting for Santa
8. Please don’t check into the drawer of the cabinet.
9. If an idea is coming in my head the light will be turned on automatically?

You can buy it from Amazon

Gear lever and OS

We all know what a gear lever is… And also we know about MS DOS, Windows 7, Mac OS X or Linux.

gear levers

MS DOS: primary, simple, working good
Windows 7 – complicate, sophisticate, complex
Mac OS X – elegant, easy to operate, simple
Linux – complex, too many options, hard to understand, only for geeks.

First Google store

Do you remember when Google try to sell cell phone by own online shop? It was a big failure but Google will survive. Google is a big kid 🙂

Anyway, to sell vegetables and use the Google logo, this is something!

google store

Smart road improvment

Smart road improvement. Too many cars park illegal in the bus station. So a smart mind from City Hall find the solution…

road improvement

Now he have another puzzle to solve: how the buses will stop in the bus station?

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