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Wireless Christmas Lights

This year you should choose a wireless Christmas lights set. Its easy to install, change any candles placement without destroy the Christmas tree arrangement and more important: no wires in the tree…

Your 2011 Christmas tree will looks clean and it will impress your guests.

At first glance it is affordable but you should pay attention to number of candle from this set: only 14 not enough for a normal to big Christmas tree. If you have a small Christmas tree should be OK but I highly recommend the Plus Extension Set (21 candles) plus at least 3 extensions (7 candles each) for a total of 42 candles.

Wireless Christmas Lights

Easy to install
Easy to change candles placements

Only 14 wireless candles

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Prelit Artificial Christmas LED

The trend is to be eco even in Christmas decor. So, forget about natural Christmas tree now we have Prelit Artificial Christmas LED for outdoor use with base diameter of 48″.

It looks like anything but a Christmas tree. Anyway, your neighborhoods will look strange at you will be “the crazy man with a crazy Christmas tree in the yard”.

Prelit Artificial Christmas LED

You can buy it from Amazon for $175.

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