Author: Rachel Leroy

Tattoo Gloves 1

Tattoo Gloves

Do you loves tattoos? Are you looking for a fun gift for your girlfriend or wife? Those tattoo kitchen gloves can be the perfect gift Now, your wife can show your dishes who’s the...

Remote File Access by USB Device 0

Remote File Access by USB Device

This device from iTwin solve a big problem: setup a remote file access simple and secure. In the world of cloud computing this device is a logical step. No need anymore for mobile device...

Best Movies for Christmas night 2011 0

Best Movies for Christmas night 2011

What are the best movies for Christmas night 2011? Thank to good old Amazon, you are able to download and watch amazing movies without leaving your home to buy or rent. The best of...

Wireless Christmas Lights 1

Wireless Christmas Lights

This year you should choose a wireless Christmas lights set. Its easy to install, change any candles placement without destroy the Christmas tree arrangement and more important: no wires in the tree… Your 2011...

Swiss Measuring Spoons 0

Swiss Measuring Spoons

The Swiss Measuring Spoons includes ¼ tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp and a 1 tbsp measuring units. Now you can cook wherever you are. via

Vintage Mickey Toaster 0

Vintage Mickey Toaster

I like this limited edition vintage Mickey toaster in retro bread box. It is a perfect Christmas gift for any kid and should makes the perfect toast for Christmas morning. [box type=”info”] As there...

Star Wars 3D Chess 0

Star Wars 3D Chess

This should be a fantastic Christmas gift for Star Wars fanatics! The board size is 17″ x 17″ and the size figures is from 2″ to 4″. Some of the Star Wars fans will...

Chuck Norris play Battlefield 3 2

Chuck Norris play Battlefield 3

RendeZook, a Battlefield 3 player, record himself in a glorious maneuver. I bet that many people will exclaim: this is the Chuck Norris of video games! The video has seen nearly 6 million hits...

Light Up Gift Box Ornaments 0

Light Up Gift Box Ornaments

As you know packaging is everything. If you spend 10% from the gift price for some deluxe gift boxes you are not crazy, you are a very good marketer. Those light up ornament boxes...

Ear Hat 0

Ear Hat

Tove Greitz and Minna Magnusson come with this crazy idea: a hat for ear. Now my right ear wants a hat, too… via

The best geek watch 0

The best geek watch

Do you remember about dip switch on old motherboards? Now you can show to your world your geek side by wear a watch like this. Link [starreview tpl=16]