BOS Men’s Mechanical Luxury Waterproof Bracelet Watch 9002G

BOS Men’s Mechanical Luxury Waterproof Bracelet Watch 9002G is available at Cyber Monday deals! I was looking for this watch for long time and now it is the perfect time to buy it. BOS Men’s Mechanical Luxury Waterproof Bracelet Watch 9002G is a high-end watch brand crafted by veterans in watch industry. As BOS’s wishes ‘Excellent craftsmanship & Careful inheritance’, each BOS watch you have will stay fresh in your life, worthy of inheritance.

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Stainless steel and ceramic band
Features day and date windows
Hollowed dial for seeing the movement
Water resistant 328 feet, not showing.


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As a well-known brand around the world, BOS has been adhering to ‘Excellent craftsmanship & Careful inheritance’ since from its establishment. By virtue of strong design and R &D strength, taking excellent design team as the core, BOS has continuously introduced advanced watch manufacturing technology and core components from other countries. With the processing of international leading precision machining equipment, the producing of each BOS watch reflects a standard of extraordinary watch making arts.
All people share the rights to control time. Time has unchangeable and unshakable rules, while watch master use sophisticated mechanical structure and brilliant artistry to have time fully under their control. This is the unique artistic of watch. BOS has decided to let everyone to enjoy the charm of watch. Wear BOS watch, your vision is not limited to between the pointer and scale, what you have is a spiritual enjoyment beyond product itself, what you passed is a kind of noble demeanor.


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