Amazing painting of IMAN MALEKI

IMAN MALEKI is an Iranian painter. No doubt that he is a genius!

Amazing painting of IMAN MALEKI








IMAN MALEKI home page

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11 Responses to “Amazing painting of IMAN MALEKI”

  1. walter frans says:

    Amazing !!!!!!!!

  2. Very nice, but they look like paintings of photographs to me, which makes them less impressive.

  3. Very nice.
    Mr.Maleki is one of best adept i know. His works comfort me…

  4. He is undoubtedly a genius whose works are much better than Expressionistic or Cubist works. I do appreciate his effort to create a slice of life in painting.

  5. gold says:

    Also try this great website:

  6. Saeed Majdnia says:

    Dear Maleki,

    I understood that Iranian have got people like you that makes pencil and oil like life and living , amazing and to me you are miracle .

    Keep up

  7. sana shaikh says:

    Mr.Iman ..
    as we all can see you are gifted with one of the best art ..
    we donot posses it .. so please keep up such wondeful skills of yours..n do keep updating us with your new paintings..
    Your Paintings are like real people sitting by us :)
    it was very refreshing 2 see such Talent !!

  8. Rahman says:

    He is definitely a genius. I enjoy and admire all kinds of art and Iman Maleki’s paintings is one of the very few artist who I got very impressed. I dont know for some reason his paintings got connected with me. I wish that I could buy his original work of art .As I am residing in India and he is at Iran dont know how to go about it.( if any one out there could help me with contacts , will be much obliged) Also I would love to promote his art here in India for his true talents. Simply amazing. my email id is Name –Rahman…

  9. deva says:

    dear mr. iman maleki,
    I am not a painter. but i love gud paintings. undoubtedly yours is one of the best. nice. keep it up.

  10. silvia says:

    Mr. Iman that is awesome!!!!! U r a gifted man, keep up ur great skills. You made me keep going in my paintings, I just started doing it, thanks for your motivation!!! Thanks again!!

  11. saleemkhan says:

    Soulful paintings. . . This frames are hanging on our hearts wall.

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